Making Money

Ideas for making Money Online

How will your little website make you any money?

There are so many options these days that I will just start with a list of them.

  • Google Adsense – This is the program that lets you place ads on your website and when people click on them, you make a very small percentage of the amount that Google was paid by the advertiser. This requires a really content rich website with about 300 pages at least and about 500 visitors and more a day to make you about $1000 depending on the topic. Higher paying ads would be for products like cameras and TVs. You can research potential worth of keywords in Google AdWords and figure out if you want to place their ads on your site. Don’t worry, SBI! will help you figure out if this is a worthwhile potential monetization model for your topic.
  • Other ad placements from other companies
  • Affiliate income – This is selling other people’s products and making a percentage or fee for the sale when someone clicks through and buys. It can be digital products from any website or company or signing up with a large company like to sell books and products.
  • Write a book on your topic and self publish it. Self publishing can be in the form of a PDF download from your website, making a paperback and kindle and selling it on or selling on various websites.
  • Make money on YouTube by doing videos of everything you know about your topic and want others to know. The income is through the ads that are placed on the site through Google Adsense.
  • Create a travel directory or local directory and charge a fee for listings.
  • Create an event calendar for your group or interest and charge a listing fee.
  • Sell your consulting services or professional services including massage therapy or other health professional services.
  • Create hardgoods and sell them online.
  • Create an online class on the topic you know and love.

There are so many ways to make money online. It starts with researching the many ways and plugging the numbers into your idea to see if it would be profitable for you.

Every person who visits your website will be there for a reason — most likely, a need that’s related to a problem or pain point, even one that may not be immediately obvious. Alternatively, your visitors may not have a need, but a desire they want to fulfill. Solobuildit! Action Guide

Fill this need with an information product or hardgood and you are on your way to making money online.

SBI! can help you figure out how to make money online.

You work on the plan of how to make money before you even start your website or choose your domain name. SBI! has many tools and resources to help you figure out ways to monetize your idea. It starts with really getting to know who your visitors to your site will be and what they like and want.

You have to figure out why people have come to your website or will come to your website. They are usually looking for an answer to a problem that they have or to fill a need for something. Provide that for them and you build trust with the reader. You may not be at the monetization phase yet but you may have a loyal follower. When it comes time to sell them something, they will buy based on knowing you know your stuff and they will trust you. That is all part of the C-T-P-M process.

Researching ways to make money online

SBI! will take you through the research process to discover how to make money online. Start with researching books on amazon on your topic. See what others are writing on your topic and what need they are filling. Often it is the same area you are researching. See if you could be doing it better! That is often the case.

Research forums, websites, social media for the same things.

SBI! even has a software tool to help you analyze the keywords/topics and their potential for making money using Adsense (placing ads on your site.) It does really work. I have been using it since about 2006. At first I thought it would be to annoying and not be worth it but I put it on the top 20 pages on a site I had that had over 200 pages and made $100 the first month. When I put it on all the pages it started making about $2000 a month— just for ads. It keeps going whether you write new content or not.

The goal is to pick a few ways to make money. You never put your eggs all in one basket. Your monetization methods may also change as your site grows and develops. Be ready to watch what happens and adapt to your audience.