I never thought I would turn into such an information junkie — but here I am– about 18 years later after creating my first site with Solobuildit! (called Sitebuildit! back then). Actually my first website was even a few years before I actually started using SBI!. I built my first website after reading and ebook written by SBI! and I started playing around using free website software Composer. I was having some minor health issues that prevented me from engaging in my career as a massage therapist. I started putting all my notes from massage school onto a website just for the fun of it. (Who remembers www.thebodyworker.com? I now have moved that site to www.massageschoolnotes.com for various reasons).

My first SBI! site was www.massagetherapycareers.com which I wrote about careers in massage. I wrote a book called A Career in Massage — Is it for you? and started selling it within 4 months of getting the site up back in about 2002. Between the two sites, I was making about $2000 a month in Adsense ads- Yes ads! I couldn’t believe it either. I first put them on the www.thebodyworker.com website and didn’t think much of it. I put it ads on about 20 pages of about 300 pages and after a month had made like $50…what if I put them on all 300 pages?

I went on to sell www.massagetherapycareers.com in 2008 for enough to live on for a year! They didn’t want my content, but wanted my search engine rankings so they took all of my content off and let me reuse it.

So there you have it. I am an information junkie.

I like to read, research, talk about and share information. The WWW has allowed me to make money by doing so – something I never thought about when I created my first website back in 1999. It was a fluke that my first site started making money.

Today things are a bit different but you can still do the same thing. Take any topic you know and love and turn it into something that makes you additional money. You are the expert on SOMETHING! Learn how to take what you know and turn it into a website, book or product to supplement your career, be a part of your retirement plan or make a living online!

Take an in-depth look at some of the ideas for topics from a list of other SBI web businesses.

You can learn how to choose the topic and take it as far as you want to going using the proprietary software system – SBI! (Solo Built it!) and be the Solowebpreneur of your dreams.

Be a Solowebpreneur Like Me!

Julie Onofrio

Take a look at my current sites where I use WordPress and the SBI! way to create income for myself.

www.massagepracticebuilder.com – I sell a book that I wrote — The Massage Insurance Billing Manual and use affiliate programs like www.amazon.com to make money. I have written over 100 pages of content that I am also turning into a book.

www.massageseattle.net- I use SBI! for my massage business website and have been using it since about 2002 for my business. It is almost always at the top of searches for my keywords and keeps clients coming in the door.

Works in Progress:

These websites are really just holding space for my ideas to work on when I retire in about 3 years. I really could take just one of these and run with it and make it a full time job with full time income. I like to also play and find making websites fun and not always about the money.

www.massageschoolreviews.com – I am creating a website directory of massage schools where schools can add their listing or I will be creating them and students can review the schools.

www.massagetherapywiki.com – I am creating an online resource for the massage profession about the laws around massage to hopefully be a resource for boards updating their rules and also to be a resource for the public.

www.massageishealthcare.com – A website to share information on how and why massage therapy works that will connect to the available research we have.

www.wamassagenetwork.com – A site for local WA State Massage Therapists to connect with local massage therapists and form a network for support and CE.

What ideas do you have for starting and creating a website?