Choosing Your Topic (Site Concept)

Follow your passion they say…

Do what you love they say…

Make residual income online they say…

But how?

Put everything you know and love into a website—somehow—someway.

Have a favorite hobby or pasttime?

What motivates you to get out of bed each day? What do you look forward to each day?

Make a list

Make a list of everything you really love doing, reading about, engaging in or working on.

  • Craft projects – knitting, woodworking, building things, drawing.
  • Historical fiction
  • Travel – What’s your most favorite destination to get away from it all or to see and do things?
  • Your hometown or where you live now
  • Finances
  • What was your major in College or Favorite subject?
  • If you are a massage therapist reading this, I have a big list of website ideas on what topics to start with on my site


Brainstormit! is a proprietary tool that comes with SoloBuildit! that will help you research your topic and help you pick the topic that has the best chances of being the most profitable. It does it by researching keywords related to your topic and pulls data from the internet on things like who is searching for that topic and how many sites out there supply information on that topic. It will help you explore various methods of making money too.

Brainstormit! helps you research and develop your website concept.

You are the expert at something! You have the information that someone needs to know about something. You may feel like it is impossible because there are tons of websites out there on your exact topic, but the way YOU present it and work with it will be totally YOU and Unique.

Choosing the Best Site Concept

Your site concept (niche, website topic) has to fulfill some requirements. It must:

  • Be in demand. Other people need to be interested in the topic too. SBI! Brainstormit! software will help you figure it out.
  • It can’t be too broad or too narrow. It needs to be just right. Too broad would be hiking. Too narrow would be hiking boot shoe laces would be too narrow. Massage would be to broad. Massage your pet opossum would be too narrow. Travel is too broad. Travel to your city might be just right.
  • You really have to be excited about this —really really passionate. This will not be easy or quick. It has to be something you can write about for years and years and never tire of it to keep it going. I have been writing about massage in some form or another and have branched out to other topics but I always lose interest in a year or so.
  • Time. You have to have the time it takes to work on the site. This will also be determined by the topic you choose and how broad or narrow it is. A broad topic will take much more time and work. A very competitive topic will also need more time. SBI! will show you how competitive a topic is or isn’t with their Brainstormit! software.
  • There should be a higher Return on investment. A website about cameras where you link to amazon as an affiliate will make you more with a sale than a site on widgets.
  • SBI! also does not recommend that you do a site on health related topics because it is so competitive, but if you are a healthcare expert in some area, you will have the advantage!

Your first step will be to choose three topics and then do a deep dive research process into each of those to determine the best topic for making money online. SBI! has software to help you do that. The site concept finder does research on the keywords on the various topics and helps you compare them. It will take you a few months or more to go through that process.

Take the time you need to choose the most profitable topic that you have the time and energy to work on until it makes you the money you need to make. That’s the Solopreneur Way.