WordPress vs Solobuildit!

This is a tough one.

I have been using WordPress AND SBI! both for over 28 years I would say. My first website with SBI! was in 2002. I sold that site in 2008 for enough to live on for one year. I can’t remember exactly when I started using WordPress, but it’s been probably just as long. I am only a user though and don’t understand the back end or understand the technical part of it all.

This year (2020) it seems WordPress is getting more difficult to use and maintain. Too many people are hacking WP sites. I don’t have the skills to be constantly watching it and don’t know what to do if it gets hacked but I have a great WP host —Dreamhost.com that helped me one time it did. With Dreamhost.com, I can host multiple websites for about $30 a month on a VPS server. (I don’t even know what that really means.) The themes though have been slowing down the load times of my sites which is not good according to Google. Right now if I was starting over, I would probably pick WP managed hosting with www.dreamhost.com. This is where they do all the plugin updates and managing the back end and help speed up the load times. With managed WP hosting you also get a staging area where you can set up your site and install your theme and plugins and update them one by one to make sure they don’t crash your site. I personally have never had that feature and haven’t lost anything important, but it is starting to worry me because there are just so many conflicts with software. I think I might move a few of my sites to Dreampress, the managed hosting package now.

I don’t have to worry about any of that with Solobuildit! or SBI. They do everything for you on the backend and have created an easy to use Blockbuilder system to create pages for your site. They also have a very comprehensive step by step system for helping you choose a topic that has the best chance of being profitable for you based on your interests and everything you need to know to create a website that works for you.

Now the wonderful thing is that you can have a WordPress site AND SBI! all in one with the SBI! WordPress Plugin.