Writing a Book

Writing a book is another possible way to earn money online.

Who me?

Yes You!

You don't have to be a writer.  Anyone with information can write a book with a good editor and support team to help you self publish your own book.

It can be a real printed book or an ebook (one that is in PDF format and bought directly from your website.)

Steps to writing and self publishing your own book/ebook.

  1. Choose the topic of your book.  What are you an expert on?  What do you know a lot about that others want to know about too?  What is the topic of your website?
  2. Create an outline of the possible chapters.
  3. Start writing. You can start by writing by hand if you want.  That can be a good way for you to get ideas and get used to writing on the computer.  if you are good on the computer, then start there.  Just start writing in Word.
  4. Get feedback on your chapters as you go from friends and family (that are supportive but can give you honest feedback).  My first ebook, I had one of my good friends edit the whole thing.  I have to say the first time I saw all the red lines though, it was hard not to cry. (I might have even cried).  A good editor will make you a good writer.
  5. Decide if you want to self publish a paperback, kindle or create an ebook where people can download it directly from your website.  There are different things you need to do for each of these ways - from formating to pricing and marketing.

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