WordPress vs SBI! (Solo Build it!)

When thinking about starting your online business, you will want to research and investigate which software you want to use....WordPress or SBI! (Solo Build it!).  There are other tools out there too but they don't really compare to these two.

SBI! is not only website building software, but it is a complete online business training that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about starting and running a successful online business.

WordPress is free open source software that you can run on your own server.  If you already know and use it then it might be great to start there.  If you have never used it and are not very good with computers, I would not recommend using it.  You can use SBI! with it though in the form of a plugin - The Solo Build it! plugin. So you can have your WordPress and use SBI! too!

WordPress vs SBI! Comparison Table



 You host yourself and manage software yourself on your own server.  Requires that you understand security and can manage updates to software that can often times cause conflicts...meaning you lose your whole site.  I recommend WordPress Managed Hosting.

I use and recommend Dreamhost.


SBI! includes hosting and domain too.  You don't have to worry about Security issues or learning the software.  Everything is included - videos, action guide and thousands of articles on how to build websites along with forums and support.


Not Included.  Extra fee through hosting.  Need to keep up on renewals.

Included with SBI! system.  SBI! handles renewals.  It is Your domain.

Learning the Software

Learn on your own.  They do have comprehensive documentation. Support forums are monitored by volunteers.

Everything is included:  hundreds of demo videos, support, forums monitored by expert users and SBI! reps.

Learning how to build a business

Learn on your own.

Add the SBI! WordPress Plugin will provide you with Everything you need to know.

Everything included! Brainstorming the best possible topic, how to build a site that gets traffic and results.

When to Use WordPress

WordPress does have much more extensive capabilities than Solo Build It!  Use WordPress if you think you can learn on your own or are willing to hire a WordPress designer.   You will need to be able to keep your site secure and know how to update the plugins and what to do if updating your site crashes your site - yes it happens.

Use WordPress if you want to do some of these things:

  • Build a Membership website
  • Create an online course
  • Build a local directory for tourists or residents

You can also use Solo Build It! and WordPress by hooking them together using one of Solo Build It's Features called Infinit! Infin It! allows you to add functionality to your site by creating a subdomain and then “mapping” it to a third-party provider for blogging, shopping carts, forums, and so forth. Both humans and search engines consider this as being part of your master domain, because it is! Don't worry if you don't know what that means...Solo Build It! will walk you through it!

When to use Solo Build It!

  • When you have never created a website before or think of yourself as a novice.  (WordPress can come later as you gain skills)
  • To learn the ropes about building a website and want the support.
  • If you don't know anything about WordPress, then start here.
Solo Build It!
Solo Build It!

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