Start Your Online Business

Yes it is about time you start your online business!

Here is what you will need to know, learn and do.   This is my shortened version of the SBI! action guide.  You will get much more information when you buy they SBI! membership when they take you step by step through EVERYTHING about starting and running an online business.

Step by Step

  1. Understand what you are getting into and what this requires.  Learn how the process works. 
    Understand the all important process:  CTPM
    ontent (write engaging, shareable, interesting content)  >>Traffic to your website>>>Pre-sell (build trust and build lasting relationships>>>> Monetize - Make the Money you want/need.

    You won't have to sound like a used-car salesman and always be 'on' for selling.  What you know and who you are will be presented in a way that naturally attracts the people who need your service/product. 

  2. Research and develop your website topic.  Use the brainstorming tool that is included with Solo Build it! (SBI!).  You will take the top 3 ideas that you have and run them through a rigorous research process, looking at how many people are searching for this topic, how many sites are out there supplying information on this topic and what are your chances of being successful with your online business.

  3. Brainstorm possible content and plan the layout of content for your website.  Planning is first! Way before you choose your domain and get started. 

  4. Research various ways to make money online with your specific topic.  This is just the planning stage.   As you develop and grow your online business, you will be continually looking for the best ways to make money with your website.

  5. Choose your domain based on your keyword research and topic research.  The domain is very important in getting found by search engines and in telling people what your site is about or getting them interested.   Most every other company promoting websites/blogging as a way to make money will usually tell you to get the domain first.  

  6. Build your website that will get traffic and get people to buy or click on your income generating links.   Traffic is everything.  I want tons of it for my websites but don't want to sit in traffic in my car - that's why I am doing this!  The first step in getting traffic is about creating enough content and enough GOOD content that is valuable to people.

  7. Use social media to drive people to your website.  Pinterest and Facebook are my best sources of traffic from social media.  Pinterest way outshines any other social media referral and all I did was create images on every page of my website that I 'pinned' on my boards on Pinterest.   I hardly even post anything new and it still gets way more traffic than I do from posting on Facebook everyday.  You will have to find your top sources.

  8. Create more and more content - Give your readers what they want - Information!  Build trust! Show them you are the expert! (You are you know!)

  9. Know your Visitors and what they want and like.  SBI! has all of the tools and resources for you to learn about your readers behaviors- what they are reading and what links they are clicking on.

  10. Monetize - Implement your money making ideas!  But only after you really get this process!

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