It might just be a small difference - solo vs entre - but to the Solopreneur, it is a big difference.

The Solopreneur is someone who start a business, especially an online business that they want to run and create by themselves.   It is also more about the lifestyle of a solopreneur.  We don't want to be a part of the rat race and don't want to sit in traffic all day although we want tons of traffic for our websites.

The Entrepreneur is defined on many different dictionary sites as:  

"One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise"

Risk is the key word here.


The Solopreneur also starts a business of their own but it is more for the purposes of having a better life/work balance.  They work for themselves but set their own schedules and do this all on their own.  They don't want to hire people to be employees and don't care about building some big empire like Apple or Microsoft.

It doesn't require much start up money especially a soloWebpreneur.  Starting a website is about sharing information.  You may also be developing a product or service but the informational site is what will help you promote your product or service.

The risk is minimal especially a soloWebpreneur - the cost of a website using SoloBuildit! and your time is all it takes.  Your time usually is the most valuable thing and is hard to get manage.

The big difference is that you may be building the online business by yourself,  but you will need the help, support and training on how to do it all.  That is where SBI! comes in!

The Truth about being a solowebpreneur

Working from home and being a solowebpreneur has it's ups and downs just like anything else.  I would much rather be working on getting traffic to my website than sitting in traffic jams.

When you work from home though, things change...your life changes.  Sure you can set your own hours which to many means sleeping in late and working all day in your pajamas but other things change too.  Here are some things to consider to help keep your life in balance.

All the good things about working from home

  • You do set your hours and that means working when you want or don't want to but you might need to start thinking of this as a business, not just a hobby and set regular hours and stick to them.  I get up at about 9am and write until about 11 or 12 and then have lunch.
  • You can wear what you want to be more comfortable and not worry about if you are presentable or not. 
  • You are the boss!  No more dealing with crazy bosses who never should be managers.  No more dealing with crazy or odd ball co-workers.
  • No more sitting in traffic waiting to get to and from work.  No more sitting on the bus with less than ideal passengers.
  • Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner when you want, where you want and what you want.
All the bad things about working from home and being a solowebpreneur
  • You are the boss!  Your success and progress or lack of success and progress rests solely on you!  That means your income can vary week to week so you have to save for the days/weeks/months where it isn't working out.  You have to plan more carefully to take vacations and to cover sick days.  You have to plan more to save for retirement or you can make your residual income your retirement.
  • Your life becomes your business.  If you are really passionate about your topic, the work won't seem like work and it will be your life. You will most likely be thinking about all the things you could be doing or need to be doing.  Keeping a schedule and content planner can keep you focused.  Take scheduled days off...totally off.
  • The dreams and hype of being an internet millionaire are distracting you from what is real.  Just stay focused on making a living and having fun.  The internet marketers talking about all the millions people are making are salespeople. 
  • It takes time, persistence and motivation.  It takes Brains, Attitude and Motivation - BAM to turn a hobby into a business.
  • Working alone at home has its downside- no social interaction, loneliness, no one to talk to and share your problems or stories. It can lead to depression and anxiety even though it may seem like it's great to be working from home.   You can remedy this by going to coffee shops to work or joining a group.  You can usually find a business group or a group on your topic.  I do know WordPress has built a big community on and they have classes and all sorts of programs for support.

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