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If you are researching various ways to make money online, you have probably come across Solo Build it! or SBI! (formerly Site Build it!)  They changed the name because this is more than just building a website.  It is about building an online business that you can make extra income or even a living when you follow the SBI! Way.

I have been using SBI! since about 2002 but found it in about 1999 when I started a website as a hobby to get me through the boredom of having to stay home because of issues with Vertigo.  I started with reading an ebook (that I think I purchased - I can't remember!) called Make Your Site Sell, by Ken Evoy.  It was a comprehensive book on everything you needed to know about setting up a website and making money online.   I had read it and felt overwhelmed and first thought - I can't do that.   A few years of contemplating it all and playing around with my hobby site - (which now has been stolen - long story!), I started my first SBI! website. (2002).  

It has been a long journey with SBI! and this site is a culmination of all I have learned through the many years...and yes it is built using the SBI! block builder.  (See SBI vs WordPress).

What is SBI!

It's an all-in-one, online website business builder.  It is not just about hosting or blogging.  It is a college level education system and website building software that includes all of the tools that you need to start and run an online business.

  1. Keyword Research tool - Brainstormit! - helps you research various topics for your website and helps you choose THE best option that has the greatest chances of success.  This tool also will help you in planning the pages of your website by showing you the keywords that have the best potential of being the most successful.
  2. Domain included.   Not just any domain you pick within 20 minutes.  You don't pick your domain until after you have done careful research and chosen your topic and used keyword research and other insights into picking THE best possible domain for your website.  (All is explained in the action guide.)
  3. Extensive and complete action guide - both written and video guides for every step of the way following the 10 step SBI! Way.
SBI Action Guide TOC
SBI Action Guide Videos

4. Can be used with WordPress as a Plugin too.   I have both Wordpress and SBI! sites.   My SBI! sites have always been more successful.  With  WordPress you really also need to be a security expert and a self-learner if you don't know how to use it.  Everything is out there on how to use it and SBI! WordPress Plugin will also teach you the basics but after that you are on your own - when it gets hacked or crashes.

5.  $299 per year or $29.99 per month allows you to host one website.  You won't need any more than that if you follow the action guide and have enough BAM (Brains, Attitude, Motivation) to turn your hobby/passion into an online business. 

6.  Overwhelming.  Yes it is.  Right from the beginning.  Using this system will challenge you to the hilt and lead you to new heights of frustration and feeling overwhelmed.  That is because you are going WAAYY out of your comfort zone and learning new things and learning a new system.  You are creating a new way of life.   The feelings that come up will really help you grow and learn about yourself.   Join my Facebook Group for more support.

What about all the bad press/reviews?

Fake. Fake. Fake.   The world is just so full of fake reviews - or misleading reviews.  Recently another competitor to Solo Build It! started a review campaign and did reviews (all the same!) on Solo Build It! and then referred people to purchase their product.  Actually the reviews themselves were usually legit and brought up some legit points, but the whole thing was to just lead people to their own product.   

I get it.  They get an affiliate payment when someone else purchases the product through their website so of course they will promote it.   Just like I am going to do right here:  Try Solo Build It! 

If you want to know more about what is real and what is fake read more about the Comparative Study done by Solo Build It! to look at the other system (Wealthy Affiliate - which I did try many years ago - to Solo Build It!): Solo Build It! vs the Wealthy Affiliate

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