My SBI! (Solo Build it!)  Journey

Solo Build it! (SBI! -formerly Site Build it!) found me in about 1999 after dealing with some minor health issues (vertigo) that left me unable to work as much in my profession of massage therapy.   I was stuck at home and looking for something to do at home, not necessarily even making money...I just wanted to keep learning about massage therapy and had been thinking about starting a massage school.  My vertigo made that impossible so I took all my notes from massage school and that I had been collecting to start a curriculum and put it all into a website.  Back then I was using Mozilla Composer as it was free!  Somewhere along the line I read an ebook called Make Your Site Sell by Ken Evoy and started thinking about how to make money with the little website project. 

That little site went on to make me about $130,000 over 10 years for doing nothing more than just writing about massage therapy.  In the beginning I had hundreds of pages and really didn't do much more after that. 

In about 2002, I started by first SBI! site - which I wrote my first ebook - A Career in Massage - Is it for you?  I started selling a few ebooks within about 4 months of starting the site, which wasn't much but it was a beginning.  I later went on to sell that site in 2008 at the beginning of the Economic crash for enough to live on for a year or so...

More sites followed - I tried a few things and they didn't work as well.  I have another site using WordPress/Dreamhost that just doesn't get the traffic that SBI used to get me so here I am trying again with SBI...but this is a tough market - the website building/making money online niche.  I thought about a few other ideas but decided on this.

I bought my latest SBI ! package during Christmas 2016 on their Holiday Sale.  I have been using WordPress to create a few sites such as which I have had since about 2002 and which was redirected from my first site ever (which is now totally defunct although someone has stolen my content - story later!)

I was feeling like I wanted to start a new site.  Both of these have just held solidly at about 400-500 visitors a day, but it doesn't compare to what my old SBI! site did that I started back in 2002 and sold in 2008 -

I am also feeling discouraged about the massage profession and where it seems like it is headed, but I am continuing to work with various associations to make changes. 

Meanwhile, I was thinking that I wanted to do a website on something other than massage therapy to reach a wider audience.  I first started thinking about doing a site on pain relief.

Pain Relief Website Research

I went through the process of using the keyword Brainstorming tool included with SBI! and came up with a very good plan for my website on pain relief.  I had narrowed it down to chronic pain relief and had an outline of the site.  I would start with all the statistics on pain and the resulting drug abuse issues the country is having and work into writing about the possible solutions.  I am just starting to learn about pain science and my plan was to take the learning process and share what I learned with others which is sort of my way - information junkie.

I thought and researched for about 2 1/2 months.  I was brainstorming domain names and had a list of about 8 that were all contenders. 

Then it sort of hit me.  I just wasn't sure if I wanted to be writing about pain and did I have the passion to sustain an online business.

 The Passion Factor

For me, creating websites has always been about sharing what I know.  I came into it during a phase when I was dealing with health issues, which still continue on to the present.  I have to have enough energy and time to put into this all.  When you are dealing with a minor health issue, it takes it's toll at times.

I was just learning about pain and wasn't sure I could write about it. What I do know and love talking about (although I think my friends are all tired of me talking about it! ) is creating websites that make me a little bit of income here and there.  My goal really is to be making most if not all of my living from websites and hopefully not be affected by economic and political trends.

So one day I just started over with the Brainstorm process using SBI! keyword research tool, researching keywords on 'online business' and here I am....creating a website about creating websites.  I actually did try this once before, but I got bored.

Currently SBI! is changing so much all the time and improving their action guide and software and I am learning so much again!

I also wanted to do a site using SBI! and not WordPress.  WP needs a lot of updates and I am not so up on security and things like that so I always am concerned that one day my whole site will just go down.  I do have backups etc but do not look forward to having to rebuild a site etc....So here I am using the SiteBuilder and Blockbuilder of SBI! (SoloBuildit!)

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