Online Business Basic Principles

Understanding the online business basic principles will give you the foundation for creating your online income stream.

Here it is:

Build CONTENT (C - which includes text, images, videos, social media posts, podcasts, newsletters...)  to drive TRAFFIC (T) to your website...not just any traffic but people who are searching for an answer to their problem which YOU have.   Providing that answer/information/solution in the form of Content, builds trust or PRESELLs the reader, so that you can generate income (MONETIZE - buy your products, ebooks, books, joins membership, buys affiliate products etc)

Online business basic principles


Content is really everything you put on your site or social media.  Images and videos seem to be most popular today, but written content is also very important.  Personally I see more websites offering both videos/podcasts and written text. Content is really what makes the internet work.

People are looking for an answer to their problem or situation.  They want guidance and motivation.  They want.... Content. 

From the SBI! Action Guide:

"Content is more than just the words on your site. It's all of your images, and the videos you have embedded on your pages. It's your Facebook status updates and tweets on Twitter. It's also the Facebook comments you make, and comments on your YouTube channel. And Pinterest board descriptions, your newsletter to subscribers, and any podcasts you may create.

All of this content creates and grows your Web presence, also called your brand. But remember, your website is the hub, from which all the "spokes" lead out to people using the Internet, pulling them into your site."


Traffic is built by providing content...but not just any content.  Content that is provided that provides a solution.... Content that is that good that people want to share it.   Search engines looovvve content.  They are in the business of providing people information - yes content.    People searching love content.  When they find you on their own through search or social media, you already have the advantage because when they find you through an ad there is still hesitancy that they are being sold. 

The content needs to be delivered in a way that search engines understand what is on your website.  It needs to be linked together in a specific way so that search engines can find all of the pages of your site.  Linking is the way search engines find and follow sites. 

Preselling or Trust building

Preselling is really about building trust.   You do that by providing the content that people find naturally through search and social media.  The reader (potential client/customer) will come to trust you when you provide the content that they need and show that you are an expert on what you are talking about.  Your content needs to be created in a way that builds trust.  It needs to tell visitors what is in it for THEM.  So many make the mistake of making it about the product or service.

You build trust by having a website that is pleasing to look at and easy to use and follow.  The look and feel of the website will need to match the content and topic.

People actually do want to do business with you.  They will be more likely to when you create a relationship with them. 

From the SBI! Action Guide: 

"Develop trust and confidence (“PREsell”) by OVERdelivering original, high-value information to these motivated pre-customers.

In short, build and nurture relationships."

Preselling is very different from selling.  You must really know who your customer/client is and what they want. Effective PREselling creates an open-to-buy (or open-to-hire) frame of mind in your visitors and "gets the click" to your income-generating sources (whatever your monetization models may be).

Thinking you can't write or create content?  That is your critical inner voice.  Your content will convey your unique voice and style.  You just be you!  It is about building relationships, not being the perfect writer.

Monetizing...making money

When you get the online business basic principles down, people will be more than willing to buy.  They will be willing to make the click on their own when they trust you.  The timing of this is important.  You don't monetize before you have the relationships built.

You won't have to 'sell' them on anything!  The whole process depends on getting the first 3 steps right and repeating them until it all work and you get the $$$.

Got it? 

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