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That's what everyone wants to know - how to make money blogging?  It seems to be the buzz word of the 2010's.

What is blogging anyways?  I think of blogging as an online journal type of website with mainly opinion pieces about a topic or many topics.   Today blogging can be just about anything.  Blogging is just a term for using software that was created for blogging like WordPress.   It can be used to create a website too.  It isn't just for blogging....whatever that really is anyways! Blogging software is unique in that it creates dates for your posts that can be shown to your readers or can be hidden, but search engines like Google will be able to tell when you did write it.  Google is in the business of finding the most recent/best content for their searchers.

So really if you want to make money blogging it has to be set up and organized on a specific topic/niche in order for it to make you money.  You can't just blog about your thoughts on everything and make money on it...I guess you could make money if you blogged everyday for about 2 years and had very high quality content and developed a following.

Google Trends indicates that the interest for people searching for the word blogging has gone down significantly since 2005-2008 when it peaked. 

WordPress - Blogging tool of choice for most

If you are thinking about blogging, you should be thinking about WordPress.  I don't even know if there are any other blogging tools out there these days.  I guess is still up, but don't even bother.  The learning curve for WordPress is so extensive and intensive, that you don't want to waste time on anything else.  You can learn by getting a free blog at .  Start with playing around with themes and learn how to create posts and pages.  Learn how to add images/video/media. Write for about a month or so to see if you like it.  You can export everything and turn it into a self hosted blog or you might be able to stay on although your options for making money are more limited there.

Most bloggers usually go with a self -hosted version of WordPress which means you have to use a webhosting service that will let you install WordPress (usually with a few clicks- it's really easy).  There is a ton of free help on how to use WordPress website in the form of documentation and community support forums.  But that information is just about how to use and manage WordPress.  There isn't any information on how to use WordPress to make money online.

For that you will need the Solo Build it! plugin that will give you all the same tools that you get with Solo Build it! (except for the SBI blockbuilder website system).  

Better than Blogging - Build a Website

Using WordPress to build your online business will require that you start thinking of this whole process as being a business person, not just a blogger. You have to be able to set up WordPress in a specific way and build pages in a specific way to make your website/blog more search engine friendly.  Think of it as building a website using blogging software. 

Be a SoloWebPreneur.

See also Blog or Build a website.

WordPress is also a content management system used by many websites.  It is the foundation for creating a blog.  You add what are called plugins to the system to enhance its performance and usability.  You pick a free theme or buy a theme and can customize it to your liking and if you know how to code, you can really customize it.  The thing is every time you update to the latest theme, you may lose some of the customizing. The plugins also can be frustrating to use as they always have to be updated to the latest versions and sometimes when doing that, it can crash your whole site because the plugins were not compatible with something.   You have to know what you are doing when using WordPress or hire someone to manage it for you.  This is why I recommend that you build a site using Solo Build It, rather than trying to manage and use WordPress.  You have to figure out where you want to spend your time - managing and learning software or writing content and promoting your online business?

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