Turn your hobby into an online business: here's how.

The SBI! way states that the 3 main things needed to turn your hobby into an online business are:

  • Passion and Knowledge about a theme/topic  (Brains!)
  • Attitude
  • Motivation

BAM! for short!  You will see this a lot throughout the SBI! action guide and step by step videos that show how to turn a hobby into a business.

Passion is what will help you get out of bed in the morning and want to write/create and follow the SBI! action guide even when it is hard.  It keeps you motivated when the going gets rough and it seems like this will never work.

What you know - knowledge- is what makes this all possible, but it is taking that knowledge and realizing what value it has to others.  It is being able to translate what you know into a way to make money. That is where the attitude and motivation come in.

The attitude you need to have is to know that this is a business.  It is often difficult to think that way when it has always been a hobby.  A hobby is fun and relaxing.  A business usually requires a bit more but still can be fun and relaxing  too. Everyone talks about always having a 'positive' attitude, but also realize that sometimes that is just not happening....can you still move forward when feeling down or off?  It is the passion again that can move you through the less than ideal times.

For motivation - that's a tough one to keep going through all the ups and downs of running an online business.  The passion is usually what pulls you through and keeps you motivated. 

Time and persistence will come when you have BAM!   Making the time is often difficult but it is necessary to succeed.  Being persistent and following through, trying one or two things and if they fail, trying again - is what it really is all about.

Spinning your hobby into a business

So how do you take your hobby and make it into a business?  First start with using the Solo Build It! Brainstorm it! keyword research tool and start 'spinning' your hobby/idea/interest into something that someone else wants to learn or know about.   What problems do people have when faced with learning or participating in your hobby?  How can you help them solve it?   The keyword research will help you start thinking creatively.

I have created a list of possible online business ideas for you to start with just to get your head spinning!

The keyword research tool will help you with your idea spinning, but watch out you will get addicted.  Everything I see and think about on a daily basis, I wonder whether or not that would make for a good website.

Then you have to create a plan for how you will make money.  Can you turn what you know and love into an ebook, a membership website, or find enough affiliate products to promote on your site. 

Don't worry if this all seems overwhelming.  This is really like taking a college level course in business and websites (no programming!)  The Solo Build It! forums will keep you motivated and is a place that you can find support when you need it to keep going.

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